About us

Our Wedding Picture

We met on a sunny September afternoon in 2000, at a small festival in a Bavarian village in Germany. Nick grew up in Skokie, IL and was stationed in Germany while serving the U.S. Army, while Stef grew up in a small town in Bavaria. We dated for a year, when Nick proposed. Shortly after we got married, we relocated to the Chicago area. Here, we built our lives over the course of the last decade, both finishing college and establishing careers.

We always knew we wanted children, but soon realized that it wasn’t going to happen naturally and we sought the help of specialists. After many tests, infertility treatments and a devastating miscarriage, we were still left without a baby. It was time to take away the question of a pregnancy ever happening and pursue a more hopeful path. We both feel confident that adoption is the right path for us and one that will make our dreams come true.

Both of us are avid travelers and love the outdoors.  Our child will grow up in the Chicago area, travel the world, be exposed to new cultures, learn new languages, and get to know their furry siblings Pebbles (dog), Gizmo & Maya (cats). Our wish is simple: we just want to be parents. We want to experience loving a child, watching a child grow, experience their first words, first steps, personality… Stef just wants to be a mom and Nick just wants to be a dad!

Nick and Me 9.13

Stef is a very loving, faithful and compassionate wife. She is outgoing and social, has many friends and loves animals. Her hobbies are to spend time with friends, family and our pets, but she absolutely loves photography, reading books and to travel the world. Stef is genuinely a good person and truly wants the best for people. She is a Human Resources Professional and currently works as a Recruitment Manager for a global not for profit organization in the suburbs. Stef can’t wait to stay home full-time once our baby arrives!

Our journey to parent-hood has been difficult, going through all of the infertility treatments. With every disappointment, the desire to become a mom became stronger. While many emotions were involved along the way, our will to have a child has never vanished, it’s only gotten stronger. Having waited this long to become a mother, I know Stef will love this child from the first moment.


Nick is a caring, considerate and fun-loving husband. He is very hardworking and loyal, with a great sense of humor. Nick has been working in the Information Technology Sector for 10 years, currently as Technical Architect for an Online Media Company. He is extremely patient, thoughtful and generous of his time when someone asks for his help. He keeps me grounded and helps me focus on what’s important in life. Nick is my best friend, my soul mate and my rock. I could not imagine life without him. In his free time, Nick loves being outdoors – be it hiking or biking, as long as he is outside, he is happy. Nick has always expressed his desire to be a dad. He never got to experience what a real dad meant growing up since his own father left the family when Nick was a young child. He looks forward to becoming a dad and sharing his love with a child. Nick can’t wait to teach our child how to play catch, ride a bike, learn how to swim and go hiking in the future.


We live in a family friendly and established neighborhood in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Glen Ellyn is a small town, with approx. 30,000 residents). The streets in our neighborhood are lined with mature trees and the homes all have big yards. Our home was built in 1975 on a ¼ acre property with a large backyard for a child to run and play. Our house has 3 good sized bedrooms, a large eat-in kitchen, a large living room and a giant family room. We live in one of the most sought after school districts in the Chicago area. Our neighborhood has parks and playgrounds filled with children and families. We think our community is a perfect place for a child to grow up.


Stef’s family lives in Germany. Nick’s immediate family lives in the Chicago area, but his extended family spreads across the states. Although we are separated geographically from a good part of our family, spending time with them is very important to us and we are able to see them several times every year. Our family, with adoring grandparents, loving aunts, uncles and playful cousins, are all thrilled to welcome our future child. We are very fortunate to have many close friends. Everyone is eager to meet our future child. Our close friends all have children and live close-by, so play dates are certainly in our future!

7 July 2014

We understand that our lives will be changed forever when we become parents. We will do everything we can to make our child’s life happy and productive. We’re excited to read bedtime stories, go to church as a family, and host birthday parties each year. We can’t wait to take family vacations, cover our walls with family photos, bake cookies and create new family traditions and memories. There are so many things we look forward to. Our families can’t wait to help. Watching a child learn about life and grow is going to be amazing.


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