Characters welcome

DH / Schatzi – my sweet husband Nick

Nurse S – my very good friend S. who has walked through IF hell herself and probably understands me more than anyone else I know at the moment

Pixie – My good friend A., who has just recently gotten married. They have just started TTC. She is in her id 30s and sees what I go through, so she is starting to get worried about her journey to have a family. I wish them nothing but good luck!

Lienchen – P. is from Germany, married to an ex-soldier and currently not planning to have children. She is probably one of my closest friends in life, but when it comes to IF, she doesn’t really get it. She doesn’t think she ever wants children, due to the fact that she is the breadwinner in the family and her entire family is in Germany.

2 – T. and her husband just got married as well. T. has known for a couple of years that she has PCOS and will need close monitoring to start a family. She was off BCP for almost a year, TTC and got pregnant on her own!

CC – my friend Cindy from work, who is older and so not involved in TTC at all. But she knows whats going on in my life and has been praying for me non-stop. Her heart is definitely in the right place and I am thankful to have her!

Frau C. – Another german friend of mine, who shares the IF hell with me. She has struggled for years as have we and that’s the glue of our friendship. We share each others TTC up’s and down’s. She’s had 2 MC’s and they’re getting closer to adoption themselves. I think she will try one more IVF before moving on.

Texas – My friend T. from Texas, who got pregnant “just like that”. I am happy for her, but I also envy her so much.

Dr. B – My old RE Dr. Zvi Binor from Rush Copley’s Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. KK – Dr. Joanne Kwak-Kim, my Reproductive Immunologist from Rosalind Frankin University Reproductive Medical Center.

Dr. U – Dr. Uhler from Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI), my new RE.


Any comments are welcome!

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