Adoption Timeline

March 2014: Started Domestic Infant Adoption
3/12 Attended Open House @ ACFB (Adoption Center for Family Building in Skokie, IL)
3/18 Attended Open House @ ACI (Adoption Center of Illinois in Chicago)
3/21 Initial 3-hr Consultation & Application Meeting @ ACFB
3/29 Home Study Packet Received
4/2 Home Study documents submitted to agency
4/15 Received 2nd packet
5/13 Home Study Visit #1
6/5 Home Study Visit #2
6/27 Home Study Visit #3
7/3 2nd Consultation @ACFB
7/9 Our Adoption Profile is online!!
8/6 Our Social Worker wrote our Home Study and turned it over to the agency
9/12 Contacted by potential Birthmother, but unsure situation is viable…. She did not want contact with the agency
9/15 Official Home Study report received!
9/20 We received THE CALL!!!!
9/21 We meet our son!! The situation was viable. 🙂
9/22 We take home Alexander Branden James
10/21 Court Hearing to finalize adoption
Now waiting on amended birth certificate and adoption decree


Adoption Flyer 1 Adoption Flyer 2


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